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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting a baby girl!

by Flezy.Fletcher

The Wests about to add one to the fam

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be adding a third child to their family at the end of January.

Kim has had struggles with her previous pregnancies, and also showed interest in having a third child with her husband which made them resort to surrogacy.

According to TMZ, sources close to the family revealed the couple’s surrogate is expecting a baby girl.

North West will eventually have someone to bond well with, especially since Kim recently revealed she doesn’t like her brother, Saint.






by flezers9ja.wordpress.com

There’s something romantic and endearing about a group of people coming together to support each other’s attempt to bring out the best in themselves and their dreams. It might be possible to make it on your own but when you do it with a trusted group of confidants it’s so much more enjoyable. “Parked” is a Canadian production which tells the story of five men who attempt to navigate the highs and lows of life. It’s a theme that is synonymous with the writers who created this show. In a small writers’ room, Gorrman Lee, Executive Producers Adam O. Thomas, Tracey Mack, Siobhan McCarthy, and Actor/Co-Producer David Lewis spent many long nights together writing what ultimately became a season of six full webisodes and twenty-five interstitial videos. The struggle that artists take on to test themselves, to aspire to create something which binds viewers together, it’s just as touching as the obstacles and experiences of the characters in “Parked.” Great things are achieved in life when people work together to support each other’s dreams, whether in real life or the stories which resemble it.

Here’s something that any true artist will tell you, greatness is found in the idea and the manifestation of it not necessarily in the execution of it. There’s a reason that songwriters receive a larger portion of the income generated by a song than those who perform it. Creative individuals understand that the idea itself is the keystone. The modern presentation of this is the fact that many of the productions that are presented on the web rival, and sometimes exceed, the stories presented on more traditional platforms. When writer Gorrman Lee saw the pilot for “Parked” shared on Facebook he thought “They’re doing this on the web? It’s so good!” The show’s pilot is so well produced and funny that it stands as a testament to the excellence of work being created outside the traditional system in today’s marketplace. When Lee had the chance to meet Siobhan McCarthy at a pitch event, he made it his mission to convince her that he could be of benefit to the show as one of their writers. He recalls, “I was very professional about it. I told her how much I enjoyed the pilot and asked if they were looking for people to join up; if so, I’d love to have a coffee with her to discuss. Asking people to coffee in this industry is a great, low-pressure way to get an in.” To Gorrman’s delight and the shows benefit, it worked.

Parked with EP Siobhan McCarthy

“Parked” is about a group of 30-something dads, plus their one non-father pal, struggling with their late coming of age. While at first glance the characters might seem homogenous, each one has their own story to differentiate them in the group. The same can be said for the writers. As the youngest in the writing room and the only non-parent himself, Gorrman related most to the character Josh (the burnout, non-father of the group). While Lee and Josh vary greatly in personality, being of a certain age and place in your life naturally presents a shared perspective. Josh is found to be somewhat abrasive by the audience of “Parked” but Gorrman enjoyed the exercise of finding the sympathy/concealed soft side of Josh. The dichotomy of Josh was as entertaining for Lee as a writer as it was for the viewer. In episode #5, “Waiting for Kiddo”, Josh appears insufferable as he enters the scene complaining about how lame kids’ birthday parties are and how he’d much rather spend the day getting stoned. Lee’s writing shined a light on Josh’s humanity by showing just how hard he’s willing to work to get a child to attend this party with him. It looks creepy from the outside but Josh’s unawareness of this ultimately comes off as sweet because he just wants to hang out with his friends.

In a similar way to Josh’s willingness to step out of his comfort zone to keep the group together, Gorrman took on a writing assignment for “Parked” that was well outside his wheel house. Adam O. Thomas (Executive Producer of “Parked”) notes, “Gorrman was a key member of our writing room. He helped find the humor and really had a strong handle on how to shape a scene. If we were going off on a tangent, he was always the one to help bring us back around. He also made sure we never took the easy way out. I loved him for that. We broke down episodes and then assigned each writer some. Gorrman had a couple of the toughest. One was a musical episode and the other had to dance around the theme of child abduction to find the comedy in a dislikable character…. not an easy task. When he turned in his episode, I laughed out loud. It was perfect!” The musical episode referred to was entitled “Master Baker” and required Gorrman to create a Rap video. While most people think of writers as professionals who create based on something which they already know and actors as professionals who educate themselves/research about things they don’t know, Lee’s situation with this episode seems to indicate that writers are much more like actors in their approach. He was given an outline and lyrics for the song but the rest of creating the scene was up to Gorrman. He states, “I’m not really a Rap fan, my wife is though. I’m a writer of color. I’m Chinese-Canadian. It was important to me to research enough that I wasn’t being offensive or inappropriate in satirizing rap with three white, and one Indian actor. I think we pulled it off because of how silly our characters looked. The joke was on them, and not at the expense of rap.” The writer admits to feeling a great sense of accomplishment standing on set and watching the rap video sequence being filmed with Davinder/Sean Amsing is in his hot tub alongside Jimmy Z /Colin Foo. The entire cast and crew seemed to revel in the ridiculousness of the scene which Gorrman had concocted. It was obvious to all that the cast was living out the same fantasy that their characters connected with. “Parked” actor/writer David Lewis confirms, “Gorrman’s voice was definitely a distinct one. His episodes were some of our strongest. His understanding of character and story structure was invaluable. I’ve been working in this industry for over 25 years and have seen both good and bad writing. Gorrman’s writing is very good!”

Parked at Leo awards

Part of success is accepting both achievement and disappointment with grace. “Parked” received multiple nominations at the Leo Awards (Canadian based awards) in 2016 and a win for best actor (David Lewis). It was an instance of public affirmation in the industry for this production. With equal measure Lee describes, “It was a wonderful moment for all of us. While I remember that easily, I also remember the many long days and nights churning out ideas and breaking stories. I wish we could’ve come up with a way to shoot our original idea for the season finale. It was about Josh realizing that he had drunkenly donated sperm to a local sperm bank and convincing the other dads to help him break into the bank and steal it back. It was our take on a ‘bank heist’. Thinking back to this pitch still makes me chuckle. There’s always something to work towards.”


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253 Nigerians repatriated from Libya

Following the arrival of another batch of 121 stranded Nigerians from Libya, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on Wednesday said it has made it a total of 2,638 Nigerians repatriated since February 2017.

The Zonal Coordinator of NEMA, Mr Suleiman Yakubu, received the new batch of evacuees on behalf of the Federal Government, enjoining them to learn from their unpleasant experiences while in Libya.

NAN reports that NEMA had on Aug. 29 received another batch of 139 returnees, brought back from Libya by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

Yakubu said the aircraft that transported them arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) at 5:30p.m on Wednesday aboard a chartered Airbus SA320 Nouvelair Flight with Registration number TS-INA.

According to a statement signed by Mr Ibrahim Farinloye, the South-West Spokesman of NEMA, Yakubu said that the agency received the 121 returnees from the officials of IOM.

The zonal coordinator explained that on arrival, the profiling of the returnees indicated that there were 60 female adults, one girl, while male adults were 57 with two male children and a male infant.

“The total returnees are 61 females and 60 males amongst them are two pregnant women and one with medical issues.

“One of the returnees, Ms Omolara Owoade, who hails from Apomu in Osun, claimed that she spent one year and two months in Libya.

“Owoade worked as a cleaner in a hospital and when it was time for her to collect her salary, she was accused of stealing and taken to prison from where the IOM came to her rescue.

“She said N662, 000 was collected from her by a trafficker and vowed that she would get her money back from her trafficker once she returns to Nigeria.

“Owoade also narrated to NEMA, on her arrival, that many Nigerians are suffering the same fate,” Yakubu said.



Nathaniel Bassey Warns Christian Ladies Dating Married Men

11h ago

Bassey & wife September 6, 2017 – Pastor Nathaniel Bassey Warns Christian Ladies Dating Married Men, Counsels Couples Against Domestic Violence Olowogbogboro crooner Pastor Nathaniel Bassey today took to his official Instagram page to caution single Christian ladies going after married men. He also addressed the issue of domestic violence. His words: Today looks like a […]

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Sep: 7, 2017flezers9ja.wordpress.com

Hi and thank you for visiting again. I promised yesterday, in my last post, that I was going to talk about this today. You might be disappointed in me after reading this but I am just being honest and I hope you read up until the end.


The first day I was nude on set was the day I had my bath (behind closed doors) for the first time on a location! Yes! Nothing more. I am sorry if I burst your bubble but let me tell you a few personal things.

I have been accused of not being “professional”. I was told an actress should be able to act “any role”; it is the character doing what she is doing, not the actress in real life. And my question has always been; when I am done acting that role, would I be given a different body?

Many people love me, not because they know me personally but because they like the Toyo Baby character. Actors and actresses that have acted predominantly wicked roles are feared by children and some adults in real life and real time. Why? Our perception of them when we watch them is what we take to the real world.

So, my body is my body; on or off set. And some parts of my body are expected to be “private”. Someone once called me “bad market” when I said I would never act some roles. I have had to refuse offers because I asked questions and they did not agree with my terms. What will I be wearing? Hope I would not have to kiss anybody or my body be fondled?

The industry is full enough of it, I won’t add to it. It might take time, but I am committed to joining and representing a decent ‘brand’ of actors and actresses. I personally believe some things can be depicted in a movie without baring it all.

The truth is, this world is waiting for good examples to follow. I get SEVERAL messages from people appreciating my stand for godly morals. It has not been easy, especially when I know how much money I could be making otherwise. But I refuse to sell my soul for money. And truth be told, God honours those who do it right.

My dear aspiring celeb, please do not sleep with any music producer, movie director, lecturer, ‘uncle’ or even ‘pastor’, to get favours. Stop exposing everything and/or twerking to get followers. You are of more value than that. There is more to life than fame. There is more to being happy than having money. Nothing beats peace and contentment; knowing you’re at peace with God, others, and most importantly, YOURSELF. God will make a way for you too like He did for me. Take a stand to do it right so you have no regrets later.

I am a Christian and Jesus has made me what I am. So, just in case you are not saved, and you want Jesus to clean your mess, He can and He will if you let Him. I was once really messed up. Someday I would share my story on that but Jesus came into my life and gave me a new beginning.

Are you alone, worn out, fagged out, distressed, ashamed, afraid, too lost in sin, or just confused, God sent His son Jesus to save you and redeem you. He saved me and gave me joy that NO MAN and NOTHING can take away from me. Do you want same?

It’s simple. All you need do according to Romans 10:9-10 is believe in Jesus, repent of your sins, confess Him with your mouth and just like that, you’re saved. That might be hard for someone who is used to “doing something to get something” to understand but Jesus paid. All you do is RECIEVE.

Can Juliana lead you in the sinner’s prayer?

Yes? Okay, please repeat after me:

Dear God, I thank You for loving me. I am so sorry for all my many sins. I am a sinner and ask Your forgiveness. Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God, You died to save me and rose on the third day for my justification. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Holy Spirit, please fill me and help me to know Jesus more. I have prayed in Jesus name, Amen!!!

Congrats. I am so elated. I hope we meet someday. When we do, please reach out to me tell me you got saved reading this post. But until then, please find a good church in your neighbourhood or fellowship on campus and tell them you have just given your heart to Jesus. Again, I am soooo happy for you. You are now God’s child and the devil has no right to you any more!

If you were blessed by this, please share this post via the social media buttons and/or post your comments.

Don’t forget to follow this blog via email to get my posts directly. Those following this blog via email would get some freebies and privileged information as the days go by.

God bless you. God bless Nigeria!

Much love,


Muslim group blasts Fayose for wearing Sheikh attire on Sallah day Read more: flezers9ja.con-muslim-group-blasts-fayose-wearing-sheikh-attire-sallah-day.html:flezers9ja.com

Governor Fayose joins Muslim faithful in Sallah prayers The Encarta Dictionary defines an Imam as an Islamic religious leader regarded as a direct descendant of Muhammad or Ali and appointed by Allah. An Imam is also defined by the same dictionary as a respected Islamic scholar, especially a founder of a school of theology or law. Fayose is a Christian governor of Ekiti State, who was first elected under the Obasanjo administration and was re-elected over three years ago under former President Goodluck Jonathan. Stoking controversy However, for inxplicable reasons, the governor shocked the world on the last Muslims celebration on September 1, 2017 when he appeared in full regalia, including a turban as an Imam, at the venue of the event in his state. Apart from the controversy stoked by the costume, Fayose also used the ground to make some strong political statements that have now been condemned by the Muslims Rights Concern, MURIC, headed by Islamic scholar, Professor Ishaq Akintola. MURIC’s fury In a strongly-worded statement condemning the governor’s action, MURIC said:  “The Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, appeared on Eid ground dressed in Islamic regalia, including a turban on Friday, 1st September, 2017. Mr. Fayose also delivered a politically-motivated speech at the Id ground. The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) strongly condemns Fayose’s action. It is highly sacrilegious and unduly provocative. It is Act I, Scene I in the Theatre of the Absurd. ‘He hates Muslims’ “Governor Fayose cannot pretend to be a friend of Ekiti Muslims. He has delivered several anti-Muslim speeches and uttered several hate pronouncements targeted at Nigerian Muslims. His general attitude and body language to Muslims of Ekiti belie his status as the state governor. “He has also demolished mosques out of sheer desire to eliminate all Islamic landmarks in Ekiti. So, who is Fayose deceiving?”

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